What happened to “Rebel Princess Reader?”

Those of you who have been loyal followers will notice that I recently changed my name. This blog used to be known as “Rebel Princess Reader.” I am a huge Star Wars fan/nerd, and Princess Leia is one of my most influential role models. (RIP Carrie Fisher) Like Princess Leia, I also like to think of myself as a rebel. My name, Sarah, means “Princess” in Hebrew. Finally, I read books. So…. Rebel, Princess, Reader.

However, as I begin focusing more on my own writing and try to transition from fan to author, I want to put my own name out there instead of hiding behind a cute name for the blog. So, welcome to my blog, S.E. Dunaway.

Traditional book or e-reader?

Traditional books, always and forever.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars! Particularly the original trilogy (Episodes IV – VI). I loved The Force Awakens and I’m very much looking forward to the rest of the movies in the new trilogy and the stand-alone films!

If you could be any fairy tale heroine, who would you be?

Belle from Beauty and the Beast, just for the library.

If you could be a pair of jeans, what style would you be?

Flare – comfortable, flattering, and classic.

Favorite season?

Fall. I’ll never get over crisp air, golden leaves, and the feeling of the shifting seasons.

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