Bookish Gift Guides

Print books are great gifts by themselves, however, you cannot say the same thing about ebooks. While many people discover benefits of ebooks, they are tricky gifts to give and lack the feeling of physically handling a beautiful object.

Furthermore, when you have a book-lover on your shopping list, it can sometimes be difficult to know which book to pick out for them. There are so many genres, authors, and topics to choose from, which make it tricky to choose a surefire winner that will align with their literary tastes.

So, if you have a loved one who enjoys books and reading, worry not! I have gathered together various themed Bookish Gift Guides with ideas that range from clothing items to accessories to literary accoutrements that will delight the reader on your shopping list. It’s just a matter of changing a perspective and spending a minute thinking about what a modern-day book lover would need.

Click through the links below to discover my bookish picks for the bibliophile in your life!

Fairy Tale Edition

Gilmore Girls Edition

Outlander Edition

RPG Edition

Space Edition

Star Wars Edition

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