IMG_2269-0When I was in 7th grade, my school had a published author come and visit.  During his speech, the author gave us the advice that we should “write about what we know.”  I have never felt so disappointed, because, at that moment, I felt as though I knew nothing; I was thirteen-years-old at the time.  At the time of publication, I am twenty-eight, and I still feel as though I know nothing.  However, I have found a few things that I love, and if you can’t write about what you know, then maybe write about what you love.

I love so many things!  I love to cook, I love to bake, I love knitting or crafting things for others, I love cozying up with a good book, but most of all, I love sharing my time with those that I love.

So that’s the basic idea behind this blog; I just wanted to share a small piece of something that I love in the hopes that it brings a little bit of joy and happiness to other people.  Enjoy what you find here, hopefully it will inspire you to go out and make something wonderful for you and your loved ones.




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