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If you’re following my NaNoWriMo adventures, then you know that I’ve been busy creating my own custom writing planner to use every month. I shared that planner with you all today and I immediately got a lot of support, so I wanted to share a version that you all could use and adopt to fit your own purposes. My creativity got carried away and I ended up creating four versions of my planner that you can choose from:

  1. Skull & Cross Bones Cover – Standard for $18.00
  2. Skull & Cross Bones Cover – Economy for $12.00
  3. The Write Planner – Standard for $20.00
  4. The Write Planner – Economy for $13.00

All of these planners are a one-month workbook and planner to help you start and finish your writing project. It is set up with a blank month you can start it immediately! Perfect for NaNoWriMo! Each planner includes two bonus weeks, for a total of 42 days. These are not a how-to book on craft. Rather, these planners will help you figure out what is blocking your path to productive writing sessions and it will help you maximize your potential. Decide what your writing goals are, set them up, and start checking them off. If you are ready for your best writing month yet get a writing planner today.

Full transparency: if you purchase any of these planners, I will make $5 from your purchase. Consider it a dirty chai latte purchase to help fuel my writing habit!

The Write Planner - Economy
The Write Plan…
By Sarah Dunaway
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