Camp NaNoWriMo Days 1-3

Day 1: Sunday, April 1st (Easter Sunday)

2,541 words

I woke up early to go to Easter breakfast with the husband’s family. I was already exhausted from the Mariner’s baseball game that we went to the day before; waking up early on a Sunday didn’t help with the sleepiness.

We returned home from breakfast around 12pm to a bed full of a cat hairball, which required immediate laundering of the sheets and blankets. After starting the wash, I took a short nap. An hour later, my nap is over and I continued to procrastinate for hours by eating lunch, doing housework, and begging my husband to write my book for me. I wanted to write, but I was avoiding the difficult dinner party scene that I needed to trudge through today.

By 4pm, I finally talked myself into writing and sat down in-front of my computer. I cranked out 2,541 in a few hours. They were lousy words (the scene I was working on will need to be heavily edited) but the scene is behind me and I’m moving forward to more exciting scenes. Bonus: I’ve built in a small cushion for tomorrow’s word count.

My husband thought my vigorous typing was entertaining, so he took a video of it (turn up your volume to appreciate the sound of typing with purpose):

Are you familiar with the movie Up in the Air? If not, this is the scene he’s referencing:

Day 2: Monday, April 2nd

0 Words

Boy-oh-boy, it was a Monday! My morning started with me running out the door and slipping and falling down the icy front steps of the apartment. Thank you hail storm from yesterday and frosty temperatures from last night! An hour later (and several bumps and bruises later), my stiff and sore body made it to work only to learn that we were extra short-staffed with two coworkers out sick. Lovely.

As the day went on, the worse my pain and stiffness got. Man, turning 30 this year hit me hard! I caved to the pain and went to my doctor. I sprained or fractured a joint in my lower back. Doctor didn’t want to do x-rays because a) there’s no way to avoid shooting my ovaries with radiation, and we don’t want to do that if we don’t have to, and b) they can’t put my pelvis in a cast, even if it is broken. It’s one of those, it’s going to take as long as it’s going to take to heal.

I went home, took a prescription strength anti-inflammatory, iced my back, and passed out early. Zero words were written today.

Day 3: Tuesday, April 3rd

1,342 Words

I woke up feeling much better from my fall yesterday! Still very stiff and sore, but a little bit more mobile. Thanks anti-inflammatory and ice! This definitely makes me think that I’ve sprained, not fractured, my back. Sitting is still really uncomfortable and painful at times – which makes Camp NaNoWriMo that much more difficult. The husband bought me a super cool bright yellow foam doughnut pillow to sit on; the image on the box of the pillow had an elderly man on it, but the husband assured me it was an “all ages” doughnut pillow. The pillow helps with sitting a little bit, but the spot I’ve injured on my back isn’t my tailbone but a joint at the back of my right hip-bone. So, I end up sitting cross legged, with all of my weight on my left butt cheek, while perched atop my canary yellow foam pillow. It’s a very seductive pose to strike all day.

I did plan ahead for today, knowing that I needed to make up for not writing yesterday, and I packed myself a lovely lunch so that I could use the lunch break for writing. I buckled down during my lunch break and wrote as much as I could for an hour straight. I cranked out 1,342 words! It was frustrating to have to stop my writing and get back to work; I had to leave off in the middle of a scene.

My writing high was brought back down to reality when a patron in the library kindly pointed out a puddle of urine on our carpet; apparently a child had an accident in the law library. Lovely.

Went home with good intentions to write, but my back was hurting. I took an anti-inflammatory and passed out on the couch. No more words written.

Total Word Count To-Date: 3,883

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