Find FREE Books at Your Library When You Shop On Amazon

There’s a cool new tool in the Library Extension for Google Chrome. Like many people (and even as a librarian), I often find myself clicking “purchase” on Amazon before checking to see if the same book is available at my local library.

Amazon may be convenient, but nothing beats free. After you install the Library Extension for Chrome, any searches that you do on Amazon will yield results from your local library, too. Lifehacker

Easily see what titles are available at your local library as you browse for books! As you browse books and e-books, the Library Extension can check your library’s online catalog and display the availability of that item on the same page. If the book is available at your library, you’ll know instantly – and have a quick, convenient link to reserve the title! Library Extension’s website

The extension allows you to pick your favorite local libraries and add them to a list. Then, when you shop for books on Amazon (or other online book vendors), the extension adds a box that will let you know if those books are available at your library. It’s a wonderfully ingenious extension, and it will be available for Firefox soon.

batman-supportGo out and install this extension/add-on to support your local library. Libraries matter; they are essential to local communities and they enrich everyone’s lives.

Be like Batman – go the public library!

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